Building & Pest Inspection Toowoomba

Termite trails running up the wall of a home in Toowoomba
Worried you might have termites? Call Keiran Mortimer Pest Control in Toowoomba. Using thermal and moisture sensors, we have the necessary experience and qualifications to detect any termites that may be infesting your property.

We offer a range of termite inspections including pre-purchase and annual inspections. Our comprehensive inspection reports will outline a full treatment and protection plan.

Annual inspections are an integral part of a termite protection program, especially across Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. As part of our termite management service, we also evaluate structural and changing environmental conditions that allow termite entry.
Termites in the roof of a home in Toowoomba
Termite nest in a roof

Our detailed termite reports include:

TickTermite activity
TickEvidence of previous termite activity
TickTimber decay/rot
TickAnything that will encourage termites
TickAny Previous termite treatments

By assessing and pre-empting any dangerous conditions, we're able to provide detailed plans and advise you on the best methods to prevent termite attacks and future damage.
A home getting a building and pest inspection in Toowoomba
Call Keiran Mortimer Pest Control today to discuss the benefits of using physical termite barriers and termite reticulation systems on your next construction project.